Our inspiration was our humor, We wanted a website that would be catchy, funny, and overall useful.

What it does

GoatsMeet is supposed to be a marketplace for people who want to buy meat, but not just any meat. On our website farmers can directly sell to customers over the internet, these farmers would sell top quality beef.

How I built it

we built GoatsMeetusing html, javascript, and css, all managed by the Firebase API.

Challenges I ran into

A major challenged we came in to was the fact that firebase does not support python, sinch uses python to make call between browsers, luckily we managed to type it in js.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Im proud of making a website that could help people with their choice of food, they no longer have to settl for the bad quality wholesale meat, and giving local farmers more customers.

What I learned

I learned alot in this hackaton, especially alot of new css and javascript.

What's next for GoatsMeet

Were thinking of expanding out of just beef and goat, and go into other produce aswell kind of like an online farmers market.

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