Microbits are cool! What's even better, they have a nice, clean and simple API and are just ideal for multiplayer games, user input and drawing pictures.

What it does

Goatsequences is a tense competitive game that requires concentration and passion. Users compete against each other in five different kinds of reflex and knowledge-based challenges to avoid humiliation that will inevitably fall on the losing player.

How we built it

We used three Microbit devices, two consoles and one transmitter. The transmitter is connected via serial port to the computer, where the game logic happens. We also have a flask web server running on the same computer. This takes care of Twitter authentication and display of current score and questions.

Challenges we ran into

Microbits, while being brilliant and easy-to-use, have certain limitations. They don't have enough memory to maintain a bluetooth connection if used with their Python API, they are almost impossible to pair with the computer over the bluetooth connection and the transmissions, as any, suffer from major losses. We overcame the bluetooth issue by adding a third device and the serial port. The losses in connections were fixed by implementing a simple re-send protocol.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We organised the development process so well we even had some time for testing! We did a great work in the team and made the game extensible, playable and enormous fun to play.

What we learned

Cute hardware is better than any other hardware, but still not perfect. Nonetheless, the options are unlimited and if there's no solution to a problem, there will be a workaround for sure.

What's next for Goatsequences

Full access to Twitter account is not something users would like to give up easily, so we wouldn't be surprised if Goatsequences became just an average reaction game on a different platform.

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