COVID 19, real safe factor is staying at home. But it is not that much easy to simply sit inside 4 walls. So, with technology open the real world. Instead of sitting in a room and playing in a virtual world, let us bring our world into game and into our home.

What it does

It's simply a treasure hunt game. But you have to identify the things in real and capture it in mobile. Just GoAround inside home and hunt things in real.

How I built it

As we have to bring the real world objects into game, I have just used the machine learning models and Android platform to built this simple game.

Challenges I ran into

As I very much new to ML platform, initial things setup is made little harder. But lot of online references made my day.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Simple game that brings your world into game and we no more gonna simply sit with phones. We GoAround.

What I learned

Machine learning and Java Mobile development

What's next for GoAround

Make this as more relasitic and fun.

  • Multi user
  • Time bound
  • Challenge based

Built With

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