We were a group of debaters, where we participate in MSPDP and Parliamentary Debate, where we debate on topics like Covid-19. We find evidence for these types of topics, which had inspired us on how many people are being affected around the world. We thought that we should try to help people who were hard hit by Covid-19. Then, we realized that many people have to rely on public transportation to move around, but in the pandemic, it is harder to do that. So, we built a site that tells the bus driver when the limit is surpassed on or on the bus. That way, when there is an excess amount of people you can say,, 'no', without worrying about if you have broken the social-distancing guidelines. This would be accomplished by having a counter that we have included and when it goes over the limit for the specific bus, train, or ferry, it will send out an alert to the driver to stop admitting more passengers. We have two pages, wherein the second page you could choose what type of transportation type you are driving. Currently, we have a Bus and Train as our options. When redirected to the topic-specific site, you choose which type of bus or train you are. In the description box, we have a function that we use to tell how many people should be on based on the square-foot dimensions of the object. That way, you can follow social distancing guidelines and personal preferences to determine the safest way to travel. Our service is completely private, and nobody's information is exposed. Only the bus driver would need to be signed on to out services to make this happen. Nothing else. No names, emails, or phone numbers.

From this site, we learned that there are many intricacies to computer programming. We started off thinking that it was an easy project, but it turned out to be much harder than we thought. We spent hours designing the site itself. we started off by building our main site, which is comparable to an e-commerce site. That way we would have the buses/trains that would come and go as "items to buy" and the number of people who can go on the bus/train as "in-stock". If the number of people that are want to go on the bus equals the in-stock amount, then the bus is "full", or "out of stock". After this, we worked on our login/logout system. This is mainly so that users can see what rides they have reserved. Unless we can provide user-specific data, we cannot tell the users which ride they want to go on. This was going well until 7 PM when our code had stopped suddenly. We had decided to debug because we were so close to completing the project. We did this for 2 hours and then we had realized we had to stop. With knowledge in these programming languages, we still didn't know how to fix the problem. With the code of conduct specified as no cheating, we decided not to get help from our parents. Soon after at 9:30 we had come up with a whole new plan, calling all our teammates in an "emergency meeting". Two of our teammates stayed up until 3:45 AM, working not this site because they had also come across errors coding. Pressed with time and the desire to sleep, we had finished up and told ourselves to wake up at 6 AM to finish up the coding.

In this new idea that we had come up at 9:30 PM, we had some features that were completely destroyed in the process. These features included the shopping part of the e-commerce and the passenger side point of view of our product. Essentially we had come up with the idea to make it the driver's POV. This included the counter interface, using JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Then we created 3 main pages, and three sub-pages where we had completed requirements for the social-distancing guidelines. We had created a function where it calculates the number of people that can fit on the bus, based on the square foot dimensions that are automatically implemented in the database. For the homepage where the driver has to sign-in or signup, we used Firebase Authentication to prove if they have an account or not. When they enter they can choose which transportation type they are and redirect to a new HTML page. There they can choose which type of bus, train, or ferry they are. This would lead to a preset counter where you can start adding and removing passengers as the passengers get on the bus. When the limit is surpassed it will give an alert to the driver.

This was probably the most special hackathon that we did so far. This hackathon in the end has taught us not to give up, when something is completely not working. But instead to get up again and think of something new. We had thought that we should have just removed our names from the hackathon, but 1 teammate had sparked us with the idea, and we worked really hard to achieve that, despite all the sadness that we had after the project had failed in the last checkup run. Thanks to OpenHacks to make this opportunity come to life for us!!!

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