Roommate is an actuarial science major, and he is recommended to study for around 200+ hours for one of the several actuarial science exams that he is required to become an actuary. The way he keeps track of the hours studies is with an excel spreadsheet, and I thought to myself “There has to be a better way”.

What it does

Allows the user to enter in a long term or short term goal, and enables the user to enter intervals of time or other unit of measure to inch closer to their goal. It also cycles through a few inspirational quotes on the home screen to kep you motivated to complete those goals you have set. Future integreation for sending daily / weekly / monthly notificaitons and custom quotes.

How I built it

Android Studio, Google, and lots of caffeine

Challenges I ran into

Pretty limited expertise in Android Studio, so the learning curve was pretty intense.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to make something that flows fairly well, and while its not perfect, I was able to make it on my own.

What I learned

Android Studio is like a small child: it complains constantly, needs frequent breaks (updates), and you don't trust it as far as you can throw it.

What's next for Goals Trak

Definitely want to work on it some more, have lots of ideas on how to make it better (and quite frankly, a little more functional). Its simple now, but I have big hopes for it! I just, ya know, gotta learn more Java.

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