Goalpost is a free web and mobile application that helps people quit smoking. Goalpost harnesses social connectivity (peer support), game mechanics and expert support (quitline). It's designed as a 12 week game because it takes on average 12 weeks for the nicotine receptors in a smoker's brain to switch off. It includes features like a panic button that users can push to alert the community manager and community members, that they're are experiencing a severe craving, and rehab for people who slip up. The design of the application was informed by research made available to us from international Quit.org. It is accessible on all screens, accommodates all languages and scripts and has a companion iOS app. Over 5,000 people have used Goalpost since launch late last year with a 23% success rate of being smokefree at the end of 12 weeks. Goalpost helps the user focus on their triggers and why they want to quit smoking. It taps into the user's motivation for quitting. And it's social, fun and free!

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