Have you ever told yourself you were going to pick up a good habit, then watched that plan evaporate as friends, video games, and the internet as a whole seemed to conspire against your good intentions? Then we have the app for you!

Goalkeeper is a social platform for holding yourself accountable, whether you want to get in shape, establish good study habits, or write the next great American novel. Users establish goals, then post videos showing that they're keeping up, both logging their achievements and encouraging their friends to keep them on track. In addition to peer pressure, users are incentivized to stick with their goals because every failure to check in means the user is expected to donate $5 to charity.

Goalkeeper is built on Ruby on Rails using the IBM Bluemix hosting service, so it's available on all smartphones, tablets, and other internet-enabled devices. The video uploading and sharing features are supported by Ziggeo, and the charitable donations are made with Venmo integration.

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