At the beginning of every year, we make ambitious new year resolutions, but often find ourselves not following them through. GOALio attempts to solve the problem via a two-pronged approach: we encourage the users to break their goals ("Quests") into smaller, more manageable and achievable steps, and share the progress with a community of like-minded goal-"keepers" ("Goalies").

By building a culture of careful self-reflection during goal-setting and fostering mutually-beneficial peer supervision, we hope to improve youths' mental health by championing a new goal-achieving lifestyle!

What it does

  1. Each user could create their own goal; during the creation, they are to break the goal down to concrete checkpoints ("Milestones"), input the estimated time commitment, and invite friends to join.
  2. Each user may also join other's goals or invite others to achieve goals together.
  3. Buddy matching system: We will pair people with others with similar goals for each other to be peer motivators.
  4. Unite a community of like-minded people who want to develop skills, improve, or just want to meet people with similar values!

How we built it

We built the front-end using ReactJS and Firebase for back-end database.

What we learned

Materialize Ideas into Solution : We learned about the process of product development from the process of bringing an initial idea of “something that might be helpful” into an actual prototype.

Design Webpage from Scratch : We explored the functions of React, firebase, and Visual Studio Code as we designed the webpage.

Challenges we ran into

Since this is the first time for two of our members to attend a hackathon and all four of us are new to React JS , there was a lot of time spent on learning the syntax and how to code specific tasks. This steep learning curve made us have less time to implement all the features we have designed as well as integrate the front and back end.

Potential Next Steps

If we had more time in the future, we hope to add improve the usability of the app by having more prompted transition between pages. Also, we want to increase the gamification aspect of the app where each user is designing a "quest" or "adventure" for accomplishing each goal. In this way, keeping on track towards a goal is not only rewarding but also a fun process.

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