To convert negative procrastinatory tendencies into positive forces for social and personal change via an economically sustainable business model.

The Idea Many people lack the motivation to finish those small tasks in life they've been meaning to do--start eating healthier, exercising more, reading more books, etc. Often these goals are pushed aside in favor of more pressing issues. However, our application makes it possible to elevate the priority of these personal growth opportunities in a way that is controlled by a user.

The generally process is that a user creates both a goal and a pledge when they log on to the site. These goals are backed with a monetary investment determined by the user and a set date for completion. The user is then paired via email with another user who is also invested in their self improvement and the two users must approve of each other's success at the achieving the goal before the money is returned. If the user fails to reach their goal, the money they invested in donated to a charity of their choice - converting the force of procrastination into an engine for social change.

The implementation This is a project with room for growth. The goal at the hackathon was to create the layout and form of the basic idea and think through the operation flow as much as we could with the time allotted. The project has a great deal of potential for changing the way people think about self development and motivation. While the hackathon version of the site is lightweight, we believe that it adequately communicates the intent and potential of the project as well as the technical complexity involved. 3 of our 4 members had never written a web application before this hackathon and by the end almost all of us has exposure to full-stack development - the ability to create such a functional and solid application under intense time pressure is our biggest pride. Potential areas for future development include expanding our Dropbox OAUTH integration into full file-sharing capacity to encourage intermediate proof, as well as implementing an algorithm to better pair accountability partners.

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