From our ideation session we realized that we wanted to incorporate audience engagement, whilst promoting something positive with aspects that could be gamified to retain a user base.

As university students, at a hackathon on the weekend, we have some level of ambition and are obviously motivated to take on projects outside of university. However, as university students, we are also inherently lazy and don’t always accomplish all activates we undertake.

So we decided to try make an application that will attempt to keep users accountable for their goals (side projects, ambitions, learning outside of university etc).

We thought that having a platform where people could create a goal such as ‘I want get to my Monday morning lecture on time this week” and community that would keep that person in check to achieve that goal would be pretty cool.

What it does

Goalie allows users to log in (authenticated via facebook) and post goals. Each goal has a time limit and bounty associated. Upon completing their goal, users will upload either video or photo proof of it and other users will be able to validate this via up voting or down voting.

Users who complete this goal will then get points if the goal has more positive up votes than down votes. Users are also allowed to participate in a goal of another user.

If a user doesn’t complete a goal he/she has joined/created, they will lose points. Points will be aggregated based on teams (i.e. users can be split up into Monash Uni, RMIT and Uni Melb). Furthermore universities could potentially use this app to set up friendly educational competition and gather valuable data which could show the motivational factors for students.

This adds an aspect of competitiveness to the application. As users gain more points they will be able to create goals with higher bounties and earn cool badges which will be displayed on their profile.

To prevent farming of points, goals will be voted on and will only be available for completion if they have more up votes than down votes.

Overall we hope this application will entice users to make goals achievable in their daily lives such as going to the gym, attending all lectures in week, running a mile or waking up early in the day.

Disclaimer: Our MVP might not be able to do all of what is stated above.

How we built it

We built it using the MEAN stack minus Angular. We used a mixture of bootstrap, lightgrid on our frontend and our backend is an express app built on node with nunjucks as the view engine. Our app is hosted on herokuapp. Git was used as version control.

Challenges we ran into

Our team consisted of 3 members with various skill levels in web development. Specificly, one of us has around 8 years of experience, another around 6 months and another with around 15 hours experience. Working with members with different level of understanding proved challenging as a lot of time was just spent on understanding how things worked. To remedy this we split up the workload into 1 backend dev and 2 frontend devs. Putting the modular components together and trying to maintain a decent level of code quality became a larger challenge as the night progressed.

We were able to get a MVP (minimum viable product) completed by the end of the hack (just barley) due to our tenacity and ability to consume unholy amounts of coffee and v.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have a MVP we are proud of given the time frame that has been tested amongst our peers (who seem to quite like it :D).

Additionally, we all learnt a lot working with each other and even employed some strategies we learnt at university to our endeavour such as pair programming.

Also, I started my sticker collection :D

What we learned

It is probably worthwhile to take sometime to set up separate branches instead of all working on one master branch and getting really annoyed at git.

Additionally we used a bunch of js modules that we weren't entirely familiar with, it was nice to gain some new skills.

We also learnt it would have been a good idea to take a nap.

What's next for Goalie

It will remain live on heroku for the foreseeable future and intend to extend the features of our current application and add some features we thought were cool but didn’t have time to implement.

We intend to keep it as a potential side project if we have time to work on it outside our university and working commitments. However, depending on the outcome of today that might all change ;)

Here is a prezi of our vision for Goalie:

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