We were inspired to create this project because we realize the importance of informing people about the vitality of being productive and intentional with our time. Our app teaches people how to set meaningful goals and use their time wisely through a game format. We created this project using HTML, CSS, and javascript. We were going to make an app, but the software we were using had too many limitations for design. So we decided to create a website. We worked for a long time getting the design to look right and aesthetic. We are very proud of including the game on our webpage. We learned how to build a game from scratch using HTML and CSS. Our next step is to be able to create an app format that kids will be able to actually track their goals, and possibly make an adult/older level with a progress tracker that will help motivate them to complete their goals. https://codehs.com/share/GzrB1ShvMXMxuBEkDHWa

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