This macro displays a Goal setter block for atlassian confluence. An SVG image is generated which displays the remaining number of days. The user can also edit the target date using the macro configuration settings.

This macro will be very useful to keep track of important deadlines and provide a visual reminder for everyone with access to the page.

What it does

It takes a user input of "Target Date" and calculates the remaining number of days. It dynamically generates an SVG and displays it.

How I built it

I built this using Atlassian Forge. The macro is deployed on Confluence server. The macro is coded using node.js/typescript.

Challenges I ran into

Forge UI elements did not allow adding custom CSS, however I found a workaround by creating dynamic SVGs.

What I learned

I leant working with Forge API, UI elements and also deploying apps to various atlassian platforms.

What's next for Goal Setter

I want to give the user options for customising the information displayed.

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