What is Goal Hunt

As individuals heading towards independence, we decided the best way to help us keep our priorities and achieve our goals was to make it ourselves to help other people such as ourselves.

What does Goal Hunt do?

The app is meant to track an individuals goal's and help them from beginning to end. It will help ensure that all users can meet their deadlines on time.

How we built it

We rendered the webpages in html, specifically using the jinja2. Data will be transferred the html code and the python code, containing most of the logic.

Challenges we ran into

During our setup, our programs weren't running, various items just simply weren't going our way. We had to completely change our idea and go with a new idea.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We got ourselves together quickly once our equipment decided to cooperate with us. We communicated well and at the end we grew as individuals and as a team

What we learned

We learned that developer environment preparation is probably the most important part of a hackathon.

What's next for Goal Hunt

The next plan for Goal Hunt is to keep adding features as we come up with new and intuitive ways to keep people on task.

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