GOAL$ allows everyone to make their financial goals a rewarding daily habit. We do this in two ways:

  1. Goal setting (short and long-term)
  2. Daily self-rewards for good financial behavior

Here's how it works:

When a user signs up, we use the Level Money API to understand their monthly expenses and create a daily budget. The daily budget is created with the following formula: [INCOME - (BILLS + RENT) - SAVINGS]/[# of days in month].

When you spend less than your daily budget, you reward your goals.

GOAL$ Engine

Users set specific, dollar denominated goals, and we ask them to explain why they want that goal. Then, every day, if the user has spent below her budget, she can reward herself by putting money towards her goals.

This every day behavior makes GOAL$ a rewarding habit and gives reason to celebrate daily.

Timeline Feature

The Timeline keeps the user engaged and reminds why she set those goals. It celebrates the wins and provides resources and encouragement when needed.

Additional Money Management Resources

GOAL$ provides an Additional Resources page for users that either want to increase their financial literacy or consistently miss their daily budget and need encouragement and training to better improve their financial behavior.

Tech Recap

  • Level Money API to budget and track spending
  • GOAL$ works on desktop and mobile (mobile responsive), so that everyone can use it anywhere.

Big Picture

GOAL$ changes the conversation about finances to one where the user can celebrate and make progress towards the things that matter.

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