This hack was created based on the information that I once heard which read

"60% of millennials donate an average of $481 to nonprofits each year." We just wanted to make that process Smarter and Seamless

What it does

The product acts as a plugin, that rounds up any transactions made by the client to the nearest dollar or 10 dollars and collects that into a goal account. this goal account will then disburse the entire goal amount after the goal is reached to the charities that the client subscribes too. This implementation can help prospective clients who are short on funds to make meaningful contribution, and play their hand in giving back to the society.

How we built it

We built the prototype on a Spring boot framework that can emulate the functions of a simple wallet. This implementation also makes it easier to demonstrate the working of the application in the simplest way possible. We used Angular,js to make the frontend more accessible.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge we ran into was to make a prototype that was worthy enough to emulate the features desired by us. We made use of all the time we could to make that happen. We found it tough to connect the MySql we had to our flask app as the Xampp service in mac runs on a virtual machine and always created a port conflict which hindered our connectivity. This prompted us to use a MongoDB cluster on Atlas to help us prototype the project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to implement the basic functionality of a wallet in under 10 hours of work. This seems like a noteworthy work that we were able to accomplish.

What we learned

MongoDB, Spring, Angular.js, slideshow karaoke and a lot more.

What's next for Goal for Good

The next biggest goal for "Goal for Good" is to be able to integrate this as a plugin, within the Bank of the West client app so that it can act as a differentiating factor that . can pull future clients into their reputed establishment. Not only does this hack work into a social construct, but this improves the social brand value for Bank of the West.

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