With the Covid-19 pandemic preventing usual social outlets it's been hard to find something to do besides from sitting at home.

What it does

GoAdventure! finds the most interesting establishments in your immediate area and gives you the ability to find and explore them.

How we built it

With XCode, Swift, SwiftUI, as well with the help of both Google-Map iOS SDK and Google-Places iOS SDK.

Challenges we ran into

Dealing with the incredible amount of data Google Maps has to offer for the world around us. As well as shrinking down and deciding what data will make the user's experience the best.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Clean and responsive user interface as well as heavy integration with an incredibly complex set of developer tools provided by Google

What we learned

We learned how incredibly intuitive and powerful swift is as a programming language and how powerful and detailed a Google API can be.

What's next for GoAdventure!

We hope to implement more features including: Sharing and Socialization, an even better for system for choosing the best places to visit. With any luck we hope to release GoAdventure! on the iOS App store so that everyone can enjoy the experience exploring the world around them.

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