COVID-19 like epidemics need a quality global response to K-12 education. Schools all over the world are seeking next-generation teaching-learning systems that are efficient and easy to use to mitigate gaps in literacy levels. My background in education and technology propelled me to create this system.

What it does

This system is the next-generation digital learning environment (NGDLE). It allows an educator to create a high-quality curriculum, test items, assessments, and learning resources. It provides outcomes-based feedback to learners and other stakeholders.

How I built it

Build on PHP, XML, JavaScript, PostgreSQL and deployed on Apache HTTPS server.

Challenges I ran into

Implementing global standards.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Compliance with CEDS, QTI, and other IMS specifications.

What I learned

Educator capacity building is very important in adopting a next-generation competency-based system.

What's next for go2core next-gen digital teaching-learning

ML/AI based recommendation engine.

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