Zoom links are annoying. We've come to accept that fact. And the fact that virtual meeting links have never been more in use, and will only increase in their quantity. So we made go2 to help you manage all those pesky links! Now all your meeting links are only a tap away, and it's super easy to add new ones.

What it does

go2 has a streamlined set of features to organize your virtual meeting links:

  • login with Google securely log into the extension using your google account.

  • sync across devices log in once, stay logged in anywhere you're synced with Chrome.

  • fetch user events from database get the list of user events and view important snapshots of the events which are upcoming.

  • organize events by date today's events are organized neatly at the top for easy navigating.

  • create new events with automatic sync as soon as you create a new event in the extension, it shows up in the list of upcoming events.

  • automatically add to Google Calendar (in progress) unable to finish in time, but working on using firebase cloud functions to trigger the creation of a google calendar event each time an event is added.

  • secure database all data in the database is secured by rules ensuring that each user can only access their own data.


Our process was fairly straightforward:

  1. Brainstorm and outline (via virtual meeting)
  2. Implement
  3. Hit (many!) a bug/technical difficulty
  4. Problem solve
  5. REPEAT!

Plus collaborative facetime calls and google-searching and docs-reading the whole way through.


One big challenge that we tackled was the time difference. Sarah is in the USA and Gabi is in South Africa, so the 7 hour difference made it difficult to line up our schedules and work. Considering that this was Gabi's first hackathon, it was difficult to find time to chat so that they could discuss questions and concerns (and so that Sarah could help guide Gabi through the process, a little bit).

Our Accomplishments

Looking back on this weekend, we're proud to have come so far. It didn't always feel like it in the moment, but we truly have learned and accomplished a lot.

This was:

  • Gabi's first hackathon ever!
  • Sarah's second time demoing at a hackathon!
  • both Sarah and Gabi's first time building a chrome extension
  • my first time working with OAuth (Sarah)
  • my first time working with Google Calendar API (Sarah)
  • my first time working with JQuery (Sarah)
  • my first time engaging in the frontend design process from start-to-finish, i.e. HTML -> CSS -> JavaScript (Gabi)
  • my first time using Adobe Illustrator (Gabi)

Our Project:

  • implements user login through Google
  • syncs login across devices using chrome
  • properly fetches and writes data from/to the backend database
  • properly updates all data in real time
  • properly secures all data
  • has visually pleasing UI, designed in figma, implemented in HTML/CSS/JavaScript

What We learned

We learned SO SO MUCH this weekend, and had a great time doing it!

  • Gabi: As a first time hacker, I can see this becoming a regular thing. I really felt it accelerated my learning more than any CS class ever has.
  • Sarah: I got experience with new frameworks, including chrome extensions, OAuth, firebase Google login, jQuery, cloud functions, and the Google Calendar API.
  • Sarah and Gabi: We built a chrome extension for the first time! And we gained a profound respect for anyone who has ever coded extensions. Yes, even Netflix Party.
  • Sarah and Gabi: We also learned that we make a great team, as a pair of like-minded level-headed coding gals. Sarah and Gabi: Most importantly, we learned that we have a lot more to learn!

What's next for go2

What's next? Glad you asked!

Item number one: go2 is pending on the chrome webstore, soon to be made available to anyone and everyone. We know go2 can be an essential tool for students to manage their zoom links for the upcoming school year, and we want to make it accessible to them in time for them to start school. We also know that socializing will look very different this year, and our goal is accomplished if we can help manage the onslaught of meeting links so people can focus on the interactions they've been missing.

Item number two: adding further integration with Google Calendar. Since we had never before worked with Google APIs, we weren't able to finish the firebase function to add events to the user's primary calendar, and in the future we want go2 to create its own 'go2' calendar that the user automatically subscribes to and post all the registered events to that calendar.

(Most ambitious) item number three: we want go2 to not only help in managing virtual events, but also in FINDING them. We are planning on building a mobile app that will sync up with go2, which will help people find interesting virtual events to attend. Then, they can save links from their phone, and seamlessly access them from the computer.

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