The theme of the hackathon, "flow", and the introduction of the tanvas tablet made us want to design an app to integrate them together.

What it does

The main app gives users exercises through the tablet's electrostatic touch system, guiding the user to stay focused on the meditative exercise rather than their stress.

How we built it

We built the app in Android studio, implementing the Tanvas API

Challenges we ran into

Tanvas is novel in its design, and its API follows suit- we spent much of the hackathon learning how to best implement their features.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

One of our exercises, the flow ring, has a well structured ring gradient around it, and a ying-yang in the center which stays put throughout.

What we learned

The Tanvas API has a ways to go before users can implement it easily, but has much promised. We also learned how electrostatic tablets work and are excited for the future!

What's next for Go With The Flow

We would want to pursue this application further, now that we understand the API. We also would like to add more user interactive animations to it to encourage calming breaths.

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