In satellite cities, as well as in new districts of large cities, there is often a problem with transport: there are no metro or train stops nearby, public transport is underdeveloped. Therefore, people who need to get to work or back home are forced to change to their own cars, which creates traffic jams on the roads, and a large amount of valuable time is wasted.

What it does

Helps neighbors to cooperate and get to the right places together. Works like BlaBlaCar, but it is free and aimed at city use

How I built it

I used Flask for backend, PostgreSQL as Database and Bootstrap for Frontend.

Challenges I ran into

Sending confirmation emails is still a test. Working with geolocation and maps also caused some difficulties.

Accomplishments that I'am proud of

Beatiful map I have added on the page where you start a new trip. I used leafletJS with OpenStreetMap

What I learned

How to work with geolocation and how to use leafletJS.

What's next for Go with neighbour!

Complete features like ride participation and endless scrolling.

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