Based on the personal experiences of our team members, whenever we brainstorm for places to meet up with our group of friends, the places suggested often tend to be those close to one's current location which could be rather inconvenient for other members of the group. Hence, this bot is to help suggest places as centrally to each member's location as possible so that there will be little dispute.

What it does

We created a telegram bot able to obtain central meetup spots depending on what you want to do. First, the bot will prompt the user for the number of people in the group. Next, it will ask the user what type of places they would like to visit. After, the bot requests the budget of the group. Lastly, the bot will request the different addresses of each group member and the bot will then output the final results.

How we built it

The main build of this bot is the usage of the k-means clustering algorithm with one centroid and this centroid will serve as the central location for all the different addresses. By using the google-maps API we are able to do a nearby search of all the places of interest and suggest them to the user based on the budget that they have.

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