Inspiration: My parents have scolded me in the past for sleeping too late. I am also afraid that my children to behave in a similar manner.

What it does: A light signal activates when the photo resistors are received with light.

How we built it: We built it using photo receptors and bread boards and LED lights and Arduino

Challenges we ran into At some points, our code would not work and run into unexplainable errors. We also did not have the right resources and materials to carry out our first idea.

Accomplishments that we're proud of We are proud to have completed our first hackathon and to have created a mechanism that functions and can be useful to others

What we learned that we need to sleep and we also need to learn a lot more about hackathons and programming in general

What's next for Go to Sleep We hope to get better at programming and refine our product to become a marketable sales item

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