Problem Currently only severe cases and medical workers are being tested. In the (near) future we will likely want to see exactly how many people were infected to see if we are getting close to herd immunity levels. By allowing people to test themselves in the comfort of their own home, we can get an overview of the entire population without stressing healthcare workers. To be able to request and track all these testkits, a new platform is needed. The platform should be easy to use for all parties involved and should provide an insight into the data. Possible solution

Solution We want to set up a platform where people can find information about home test kits and request them for themselves and their family. Our platform facilitates sharing the results of the home test kits online. We want to partner with home test kit providers so they can inform the users about registering their test results online.

We provide dashboards and web services (REST API) to make the data of the home test kits insightful and usable for everyone and especially governmental instances.

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