What it does

  • To encourage students to study together​
  • To help students connect with each other​
  • Covid – easy to disconnect – to create discussions​
  • The point system makes learning fun​
  • Learning is much more efficient

How We built it

This project was built with React and firebase, specifically the firebase Authentication and Realtime database.

Challenges We ran into

  • Coordinating with teammates in different time zone
  • Because it was online, it was harder to collaborate
  • Time constraints

Accomplishments that We're proud of

  • Was able to connect and pull data from firebase for the first time
  • Proud of the figma prototype
    • color accessibility for color blind
  • Learned something new! (Learning Javascript from scratch, HTML tags, Python, How to use Galileo)

What We learned

  • Higher level components
  • Connecting to firebase db: realtime and firestore
  • setting up authentication through firebase
  • Learning Javascript from scratch
  • HTML tags
  • Python
  • How to use Galileo

What's next for Go Teach Yourself

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