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Simple API made with go to make CRUD request to your Shopify Store.


go get github.com/rapito/go-shopify


  • Get Requests
    import "fmt"
    import "github.com/rapito/go-shopify/shopify"

    shop := shopify.New(storeDomain,apiKey,pass)
    result, _ := shop.Get("products")

  • Check out the examples folder for simple usage.
  • Read some of the tests at shopify_test.go for complete CRUD examples.


  • You may fork this library and modify it as you please.
  • You can make a pull request and I will be happy to check it out and merge it.
  • If you find a bug, create an issue and I will do my best to fix it (someday).

Original Work

While I was looking for something cool to do with this new language im learning (Go, obviously), I ran into hammond-bones' go-shopify library. Which inspired me to start creating this one.


While I was on my go-trip to create this api, I found some awesome libs which made my life easier. Check them out, hopefully they'll do the same for you:

Other APIs

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