Earth. A stunning panorama of life. Conservation is not just a matter of saving trees, it involves the collective survival of us as a species as well.

By 2050, the global population is expected to grow to more than 9 billion people. The growing need for food, energy, and water will tax our natural world as never before. At the same time, we face the threats of climate change. For this spectacular planet and all the life it holds, the clock is ticking. Only by working together, we can ensure our future sustains us all.

What it does

This is the campaign webpage of the Go Minimal Campaign. It is a primarily offline campaign that aims to 8reduce individual carbon footprints by working together* as a community. The campaign is articulated as a project undertaken by a Non-Profit Organisation. The campaign website consists of the following:

  • Home page: Educates the viewer on the need to act upon climate change. Instigates the viewer to action through its CTA.
  • About Us: This page holds details about the fictional Non-Profit organization I came up with, that is holding this campaign. The organization and the founders are entirely fictional and purely made to provide an idea about how the project would look like.
  • Our Plans: This features the main ideas that I propose to undertake in the campaign. To stick to the fictional storyline, I have formulated this in the form of a fictional timeline for an easy understanding of how I will begin to work on the campaign. The buttons under the timeline hold the activities that will be organized at that stage of the campaign.
  • Our Mission: This page consists of our 'Why?' behind this project. This is our north star.

How I built it

I used Adobe XD to design the pages from scratch. I'm not a web developer (yet), but I'd love to see my project in action!

Challenges I ran into

I had a lot of ideas in mind. I was not sure how to put them in place in such a short span of time as each solution does not solve just one, but multiple problems relating to sustainability. I felt that my best shot is to structure my ideas in the form of a campaign held by a Non-Profit Startup to work towards this. This helped me put forward my ideas in the best way I could think of. I think I could improve better on translating the ideas into an organizational structure if I had more time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am pleased with the ideas I came up with! I did not expect to come up with solutions that quickly. On a normal day, I'd go blank if I was asked for solutions to pressing problems. It was amazing to see myself come up with ideas and put them together.

What I learned

Climate change is closing in on us quickly. Our only hope is ourselves, and only we have the spirit and power to protect our natural world. This hackathon project was an eye-opener when it came to the effects of climate change and its significance that I learned about during my research.

What's next for Go Minimal.

Go Minimal's plan would be to empower sustainability-related businesses and aid them in catapulting into the market. The project was primarily designed with just my country in mind, but since our campaign heavily depends on the localities' needs, it can easily be scaled to suit any place as well.

Built With

  • adobe-xd
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