We dream of jamming with our friends. Musicians, tone-deaf - anyone! We do not want to compromise when it comes to lag. We want real-time audio and real-time visuals!

What it does

It captures user gestures from the cam and lets you play various "air" instruments. At the same time, the body landmarks are sent to the immersive 3D environment.

How we built it

We use Python and various libraries to capture the cam's video, find body posture hand landmarks with AI, recognize gestures based on the instrument and submit the smallest package possible over to the music and video server.

We do not transmit audio waves but rather MIDI messages. These are transferred over the RTP-MIDI protocol. So everyone gets the signal, and it is also run through the server's synthesizer for later playback.

We used Unity for the 3D world. The body landmarks are transmitted by UDP at about 30 frames per second on the CPU.

Challenges we ran into

WiFi can be a huge bottleneck for the speed, even if the throughput is good. Getting everything to work at once is not for the faint of heart.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • amazing teamwork
  • task alignments
  • running prototype
  • the triangle

What we learned

MIDI messages are more asynchronous in their nature than it first meets the eye.

What's next for Rage Against the Goat

Make the solution easily deployable and jam with our friends of course.

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