People need to know that when they are outside, they are danger themselves of getting infection.

What it does

The counsellor, Vaccyne, will guide people how to protect themselves from coronaviruses. It will state safety measures and advices for the public from WHO (World Health Organization).

How we built it

This is the first time I have used Unity to build/design game, with the help of LEGO Microgame. It is also the first time I use Brick Link studio to design game objects such as the viruses, Vaccyne, face mask, water droplet, sanitizer, house, shopping cart and restaurant

Challenges we ran into

  • Kept redesigning the game objects such that it is not too big and not too small. If the objects are too big, it is difficult to insert the Brick Behaviour. (had to redesign the coronavirus three times, mask three times)
  • Had a hard time when inserting Brick Behaviour into concrete object. I had to make sure to group an object together, not a single lego piece, in order for the whole object to move.
  • Wanted to insert WHO pictures as my references but couldn't insert pictures into the game

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This is my first 3D game I ever made and it works well! :). I hope you enjoy it

What we learned

  • Learn how to insert different Brick Behaviour (personification of game objects ==> Alive/Explode/Move/Look At/Hazard/Near by action and Touch trigger)
  • Learn how to design LEGO (I also searched for references)
  • Not to make the game too complicated or the game will crash
  • Learn how to be flexible while making the game (If this way is not good, try the other way)

Brick Behaviour formula

  • To animate the viruses to move, here is the formula how to insert the Brick Behaviour: Alive/Move/Look At/Hazard/Explode action and Nearby trigger. It means when the player come close to viruses, it will move towards the player and will game over the player if they touch the player. If the player collects the masks/water/sanitizer before the viruses touch, the viruses explode
  • To make sure the player pickups masks/water/sanitizer and increase their points, the formula is: Pickup/Counter action and Touch trigger.
  • To animate Vaccyne to display information, the formula is Alive/Speak action and Input trigger. When the player comes near to Vaccyne, it will display input option to start displaying information for the game.

What's next for Go Home Now

  • Show the total score at the end of the game in the menu
  • Insert pictures into the game


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