What it does

Our project aims to increase recycling rates in communities globally by incentivising recycling through community oriented projects. This will help to foster a sustainable recycling culture that meshes with that local society. Ideally, recycling processing and manufacturing would be self-contained in the community, tapping into the economic value inherent to those recyclable materials. These new recycled resources will be allocated as the community sees fit.

How will we accomplish this?

A three-tiered approach will be used: Community education, Community involvement and reallocation of raw materials back into the community. Mobile reclamation vehicle will be used as an instrument for collection of the recyclable materials as well as an education platform for the community. The drivers of the vehicle will be initially trained through our project, but will be hired from the local area. This allows the community to be taught by one of their own.

Initially, a community meeting will be called to provide a forum for general education on recyclable materials. Once the community has a firm grasp on the possibilities provided through recycling, the Participatory Budget Project model will be used to tailor the outcomes of individual communities. This will focus on the items each community is interested in recycling and the community improvement projects they believe are necessary to create a better community.

It is important to emphasize the entire project is subject to the specific communal needs of each geographical area. The entirety of the project "deliverables" are derived only from the community itself. The purpose of our project is to provide education and initial assistance for these communities is reaching their goals.

Challenges we ran into

The main challenges are logistics and initial funding.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The creation of a fully developed cycle of creating a self-sufficient system for recycling.

What's next for Go Green Get Green: Global Reclamation Initiative

Creating a brand similar to "Energy Star" for recyclable material usage by corporations. If successfully created, this brand would allow funding of the project as well as increasing awareness for recycling.

Finding collaboration and partnering opportunities to increase the reach of the project.



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