Plants and trees are the unsung heroes of our environment, quietly and tirelessly working to create a world that is both sustainable and beautiful. So let us celebrate and cherish these natural wonders, and do our part to protect and preserve them for generations to come. Unfortunately, not all people understand the importance of plants and trees and how to care for them properly. Here It comes our solution "Go green" and flips all the cards.

What it does

Our solution "Go green" not only suggest innovative & efficient ways to preserve these beautiful species but also make it easier for everyone to have an impact. Our solution consists of a mobile application that contains a set of challenges that the user can take in order to generate virtual rewards that will lead him to plant a real tree in real life. Also, as a startup that groups experts in both environmental engineering & IT, we provide various services and programs that individuals, governments, and companies can benefit from to preserve their gardens, grow their knowledge, help planting tree all around the country and more. More details will be included later on.

How we built it

Mobile application was built using Kotlin, for the backend we have used NodeJS & SQL. Web Application showcasing our services and programs has been built using ReactJS and TailwindCSS.

Challenges we ran into

Coding some complexe features that requires VR and some other advance features that we would love to include.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

UI Design

What we learned

Teamworking Time-management and flexibility Framework for establishing a business model

What's next for Go Green

We have plenty of services, IT solutions that would change the world dramatically.

Built With

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