We wanted something that encouraged people to do more for the earth and the environment and we had to find a motivating factor. Noticing other mobile apps using a rewards point system like Triton2Go, we brainstormed ideas about what could provide some type of reward while also helping with sustainability. We arrived at the issue of CRV containers and how the cash back from recycling them could be an incentive for people to take the time to sort and recycle instead of just throwing everything into the rubbish bin. The issue was that most people don't have the time or energy to sort their recyclables AND take their containers to a recycling center. To solve this, we got inspiration from Uber, by applying their concept of transporting passengers to transporting loads of containers. This service would solve the inconvenience that arises with taking time out of the day to go to a recycling center and normal users wouldn't have to go too far and they'd be making some of their money back. Thus, Go-Green was born.

What it does

Go-Green allows users to either become drivers or recyclers. Drivers are the ones who collect the deliveries of containers and transport them all to a local recycling center. Recyclers are the ones who submit a ticket with the amount of containers they want to recycle. With this app, it is more likely that people will recycle if they know they could get some reward out of it.

How we built it

We used Spring Boot to build the application in the back end and used a MySQL database to store the necessary data, user information and ticket information. We used Google Cloud to host our database and server to allow us easy access to the data whenever we need it. For the front end, we used MapKit and UIKit to create the interface for users, with MapKit providing a map and navigational tools for the driver to use to get to the locations of recyclers.

Challenges we ran into

We had trouble connecting the database to Google Cloud and porting over our github repository to the Cloud. We also had challenges in making sure that our data stayed persistent.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have a basic but functional online app! The mobile application is free to consume the REST API that we've built.

What we learned

We learned about building an application that consumes a Google Cloud SQL database and also hosting a server on the Google Cloud platform.

What's next for Go-Green

Quality of Life improvements that makes it more convenient and easy to use the app.

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