Its a very small fun application which has <=20 lines of code. The fun part is that "it will convert your input to styled text of Google logo".

Source Code :------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Go Google

Start Here : Go Google

function Go_Google() { if(Inp = prompt(&quot;Please enter a name to convert google logo style&quot;, &quot;&quot;)) $(&#39;iframe&#39;).attr(&#39;src&#39;, &#39;<a href=";+Inp+&#x27;&amp;type=rnd&#x27;">;+Inp+&#39;&amp;type=rnd&#39;</a>); else Go_Google(); }

Demo :------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Create a new html file. Copy the above code and past in that file.
  • And then open that file in browser.
  • Now, You can see a link called "Go Google". Just click on that.
  • It will prompt an input box. In that just enter your name which you want to convert. You can see the converted input.
  • Congrats..! You have done..!

):-----------------------------------------------Have Fun. Thank You---------------------------------------------------:)

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