Team Members

Since they don't have Devpost as of the writing of this, here they are: Jack Chen, GuangZhi Xiao, Shruti Basil


Our goal for this project was to try and build a flight simulation game with used two Myo's (one for each arm) in order to fly around. We thought working with one Myo wouldn't suck enough, so we decided to add another one just to see how bad it could get.

What it does

Right now what it does, it wander around in a a very erratic fashion when we try and "fly". What it's supposed to do it allow the user to fly around a landscape, using each Myo to control an individual rocket on our flying object. A gesture activates the thrust, and the spacial data from the Myo is used in order to guide the rockets.

How I built it

Thalmic Labs included a Unity plugin, so the team has been using that in order to get the Myo to communicate with the in game objects. In game objects were built straight in Unity, which has been a total pain. Getting stable, but movable joints can be quite a challenge to Unity noobs like ourselves.

Challenges I ran into

Hmm, where to begin. For starters the spacial data given by the Myo is in the form of Quaternions (you can go Google them), which are a total pain to work with. The next biggest challenge I would say was trying to make the physics behind flying work in game. Sure, we could get stuff moving around and flying, but in order to fly in a direction of our choice was a challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We managed to get in game objects to respond to input from both Myo's, which is pretty cool.

What I learned

Myo's give strange data to work with, Unity is unreliable, drinking 4 Redbull's in one go in a terrible idea.

What's next for Go, Go, Myo Rocket!

It will be laid to rest on GitHub where the code will never be touched again. RIP Go, Go, Myo Rocket (November 14th, 2015 - November 15th, 2015)

*Note, the GitHub link is slightly messed up since we created a Repo inside a Repo (Repo-ception!). I will try and get the updated scripts up at a later time.*

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