Project idea for IoTHackday 2015.

The project idea is to hack an off-the-shelf baby toy, probably this Fisher Price Puppy. "Gadget" will collect statistics on how proficient the baby is at identifying body parts, and allow you to change languages. The added connectivity also enables games of competition with other connected Gadgets. There’s also a home automation component. Use Gadget to dim the lights or call for backup.

Anyone is welcomed to join! Especially looking for a web developer able to create a node.js app and interface with a REST API, and animate some graphics. Or equivalent functionality. Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Probability of learning new things and having fun: 100%



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posted an update

Hi there Hackday participants. Just wanted to say the Gadget team is very excited about this event. And also that we're not scary people. So if you want to join and learn about using Raspberry Pi, Light Blue Bean, Angular, or Arduino, you're very welcome! No experience necessary.

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