Inspired by the popular social experiment Twitch Plays Pokemon, an attempt at playing Pokemon games through crowd sourced responses, we decided to take on a similar approach but this time with a robot.

What it does

Go forth is a robot that moves based on real time inputs from users.

How I built it

Go-forth was built with ardunio and a 3d printed chasis. We have a webapp that allows the user to increase and decrease the speed of certain motors to move it. The requests are sent to a server built using google app engine and firebase. They're then passed to the arduino which execute the command.

Challenges I ran into

Due to only coming up with the idea at the hackathon we had a major problem with a lack of hardware and equipment. However we were able to come up with solutions and substitutions our favorite being substituting a round piece of candy for a ball bearing.

What I learned

We learned a lot about working with the arduino and communicating back and forth between devices

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