What it does

GO-DE is a full-stack, social-media-like site where registered users are given an expansive list of interesting places in Delaware to visit, ranging from parks and beaches to landmarks and historic sites. Users can mark these places as visited and comment on how their visit went/any thoughts and other remarks, and aim to visit every location that is on our list. They can also track their progress of places visited on the home page of the site, and on their profile page.

Users can view the profiles/activities/progress of other users, whose profiles contain their recent activity and progress in visiting every location. They can even follow each other and get updates on friends' activity in a feed on the main page.

How we built it

Frontend: Built in JavaScript/React. Paul and Brendan did much of this, working firstly on a mockup in Figma then building components in React, before styling them with CSS and Bootstrap.

Backend: Built in JavaScript/Express, with a MongoDB database. Simon built an API from the ground-up, connecting it to our database. He also linked the data from the backend to the components on the frontend, allowing locations and users to be seamlessly displayed.

Challenges we ran into

  • Backend linking proved tricky at times, though messing with the API calls and responses would solve these issues and make future linking an easier task.
  • Styling was also hard sometimes, but we worked as a team to find the best way to apply our desired styles and get exactly what we wanted from our results.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Creating a full-stack website in React with many different types of objects in the database, and many endpoints used in different ways.
  • Using styling extensively to make a nice-looking, responsive website.
  • Adding a social-media aspect to the site, users being able to follow each other, receive feed updates, and post about their journeys online to others.
  • The fact that all of this was done in 24 hours (14-16 hours not including sleep)

What we learned

We learned a lot more about full-stack application design, styling, and working together under time constraints. We also learned about feature planning, prioritizing the core features for an MVP and working on side tasks as time/urgent tasks allow.

What's next for GO-DE

Hopefully, we will find an opportunity to deploy this site online after further tweaks, including testing, edge case handling, and adding extra features including profile pictures and proper authentication.

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