Today more than ever, the sustainable use of our planet's resources is of paramount importance. Although many individuals, governments, and communities have strove to improve the sustainable aspects of our lives, we feel that an application which gamifies energy and water consumption could have amazing impacts on our everyday behavior. To this end, we were inspired to create just such an application.

What it does

This application allows users to track their monthly electricity and water usage, connect with friends, and compete within groups to prove who is the most environmentally sustainable.

How we built it

We developed a mobile app using Android Studio, programming in Java and XML.

Challenges we ran into

Although we would've liked to have added support for messaging between friends, we found developing back-end technology for this to be especially difficult.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the leader board we created which compares the user to others within his/her group.

What we learned

We learned how to use Android Studio to develop mobile apps.

What's next for Go Dark: Competitive Energy Savings

As mentioned above, we'd like to develop a messaging service within our app. Additionally, we'd like to use Google Firebase to store user data persistently. We'd also be interested in extending the idea of our product to buildings to drive innovation in the field of building energy efficiency.

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