Covid is like a nighmare for all of us which is still not ended from our lives. So This hack was to help people all over the world to get a way out of it.

What it does

It helps people getting daily updates about live cases in their area , state or country , giving them proper instruction about what corona is, what are symptoms of covid19 and what they should do to be safe from it.

How we built it

Its created using HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT and some of the official covid19 rest apis to get live data.

Challenges we ran into

The challenge was serving particular data/updates about the place coming from api that user is searching for. It took some efforts in getting used to with the api, but all worked fine at last.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I'm proud of creating such a hack that has potential of providing help against such a worst epidemic.

What we learned

I learned about how we are actually getting data regularly about covid after learning about these apis.

What's next for Go-Corona-Go

It may have some more features that can be added such as providing information about doctors, bed availability in hospitals etc.

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