People fear that vaccination is harmful and they are not vaccinating themselves from corona. So in order to make that thought go away we made a game that promotes vaccination is a must cause.

What it does

It is a game where the virus keeps on attacking the human and the score keeps on increasing when the virus is cut as well as the vaccine meter increases. So the vaccine provides a shield from the virus from attacking them.

How We built it

We built it using the flutter framework. It was a great experience working in it.

Challenges I ran into

The asynchronous function was unable to call at the time where the virus is being cut into two halves. And it was a variable problem between the virus the score and the vaccine meter. We finally sorted it out.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

A fully functional app for the submission. This is the one thing which I'm post proud of of the others.

What I learned

I learned something more about flutter and the working of asynchronous function.

What's next for Go Corona

Making new levels and increasing the difficulty for new levels by increasing the time of virus attack and number of viruses per attack.

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