Note: This project was originally created in June 2019 at (Code: Bufallo}, which did not require posting to DevPost as part of the submission. I'm posting it here to showcase a more complete portfolio on DevPost.

Other creators:

  • Kai Burnett
  • Anas Hamed
  • Doug Kutach
  • Mitchell Daddario


{Code:Buffalo} was a business-focused hackathon that provided a specific assignment: create an app using the Bored API and GraphQL.

What it does

With our app, 4 questions lead to a perfect day! When users log onto our web app, they are presented with various events currently trending in their area and in their specific categories of interest with card carousels. They also have the option to take a quiz to find the right activity to do in their area. Weekly challenges encourage users to get out with friends (must check-in with friends at events to complete) to earn discounts at local venues.

How we built it

Teams were pre-formed by the organizers based on years of experience, not programming languages. So the back-end was in C# and Python. The front end was in Javascript with Vuetify.

Challenges we ran into

  • We were assigned a team where each team member knew different programming languages, so putting it all together in a coherent, functional app was more difficult than it had to be.
  • We were given a very specific challenge: to use the Bored API and GraphQL. The Bored API outputs different things you can do when you're bored based on category, number of people, and accessibility. The content was very limited so it pigeon-holed all competitors into making essentially the exact same app with different front end designs.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to put something together despite the crazy constraints.

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