Gnosify is a prototype designed to send instant messages to the users who opt into the service. Gnosis Arts is able to tap into NYC datasets and translate any RSS, Atom, or XML data into a formatted text message that is sent directly to those who download the application.

Currently, we have the app set up to send users notifications about NYC events. Those who choose to signup for the SMS alerts have the option to choose how many messages they wish to receive.

Current datasets that this version of the app uses are:

Broadway Shows
Brooklyn Public Library Events
NYC Parks and Recreation Events
New York Public Library Events 

If this application wins this competition, the possible notifications to choose from can become endless.

The image is a screenshot of how the updates appear on an Android. Updates can be scheduled to arrive at any frequency.

I collaborated on this project with my fellow Gnosis Arts Media Group intern, Cara Sanfelice ( We worked steadily, over the course of the summer and fall semesters, creating this video and preparing all the submission materials.

Gnosis Arts Media Group has always been committed to using its innovations to serve the public interest. The creation and benefits to this app will allow New York City residents to be aware of NYC goings-on anywhere, at any time, as long as they have their mobile phone with them.

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