After a long and arduous journey through several hackathons of back-end development, our team decided it was time to go on a brave new journey into the world of front-end development. As well, we were inspired by applications and websites that aided us in our gaming experience and wanted to create a tool that was similar.

What it does

Our application, GnomeGuides, provides users with a clean UI to keep track of what achievements they have...achieved throughout their gaming experience as they journey to get 100% completion.

How we built it

We built this app entirely through Ionic, which is a framework with HTML/JS at its core.

Challenges we ran into

Given that this was our team's first dive into the world of front-end development (and not to mention Ionic), getting the app off the ground in general was a challenge in itself.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It runs!

What we learned

Ionic is way better than Android development. Hands down.

What's next for GnomeGuides

In the future, we plan to implement separate pages for each "task" so that better guides can be created for our users. We also plan on developing a database system so that users can create their own guides and share them with other users, cultivating a community by completionists for completionists.

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