GM came to MHacks and provided a framework for students to use web technologies to interface with their infotainment system. Our project builds off this and allows for development to happen remotely.

What it does

By adding an extra file a few lines of code and an extra file, apps running on the dashboard can be viewed and developed remotely. This is beneficial for when resources are limited, such as space or funding.

Challenges we ran into

Many of the challenges happened at the low-level. For example, trying to find where Linux stores the pixel data that gets displayed to the touchscreen. From there, there were other challenges such as sending that data wirelessly. Not to mention getting click data to be sent to the test bench.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The single thing the group is the most proud of is getting low-level access to the test bench, allowing us to do projects and tasks that others could not. We are also proud of bringing all of this together to create a project that, in the future, help others develop for GM.

What we learned

We learned a lot in this project. A range of from low-level embedded Linux all the way up to networking using JavaScript was covered in this project.

What's next for GM Remote Dev

This solution has much that can be built upon. For example, less latency in the video stream would make the development experience more pleasent.
Hopefully, remote development on the test bench will be available for other Hackathons in Mich

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