The inspiration of the project was the sense of community building being fostered via the "GM" movement. The goal is to let people wish GM on Solana blockchain and earn GM Coin rewards. It is a form of a semi-fungible token (currently implemented as an SPL token) to let people maintain a GM streak. Wallets with a long GM streak are naturally more trustworthy. (They took the time to build the streak.)

We use smart contract to enforce some level of sybil resistance, example, enforcing cool-off period. Before launch to mainnet we will introduce additional measures (such as automatically creating a new mint everyday) to ensure fair and equitable distribution of GM coin for people who believe in the GM movement.


What it does

Currently we allow anyone to "fund" a vault which is then used to offer rewards. This is a specialized form of faucet which tracks visitor visit count and last visited timestamp. After a cool-off period, a visit is rewarded with a GM coin.

How we built it

We used anchor to build the smart contract and used React /NextJS for frontend.

Challenges we ran into

Lots of debugging required for "integration" testing of contract.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learned Rust, Solana, Anchor all from scratch and built a non-trivial app which has some nice applications in the future. Example building a "trust" streak. A wallet which has a long streak of GMs is supposedly more trustworthy.

Built With

  • anchor
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