Gluvo is a solution for the lack of physical interaction between the user of VR applications and the virtual environment. Our project aims at VR end-customers (users) by creating a glove that inhibits the movement of a user’s fingers and simulates textures based on what the user is interacting with, and VR developers by creating a friendly interface that enables seamless integration with current VR applications.

The project was divided into two areas of development. On the software side, the team was successful in creating an application running on Oculus Quest 2 to keep track of fingers and interact objects in a virtual environment. On the hardware side, 3D models and schematics of the glove that provide force feedback have been designed and preliminary tested.

For the early weeks of the Spring semester, we expect to integrate current hardware and software solutions and improve on reliability of the product. This includes improvements on the reliability of the finger-tracking mechanism on both the software and hardware, reaction speed from detecting collision in the software to the user feeling the collision, and possible new iterations of the product, such as a parallel plate design that can decrease the weight and reaction delay.

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