Many of us, be it students who are busy with assignments or the elderly who are immobile, sometimes find it inconvenient to travel out the comfort of our home just for a meal and hope that there would be delivered food which is not conventional fast food.

What it does

Glut provides a platform for users who are too busy and require delivering services for food to have the convenience of that service for any type of food that they crave for for an incredibly cheap delivery fee, while civilian deliverers can enjoy the spirit of helping their neighbours getting dinner while earning some extra money foor their offered services.

How we built it

For our prototype, we developed an Android app with Android Studio, using Firebase's platform for our user management and database system.

Challenges we ran into

It was the first time participating in a hackathon for two of us. Couple this with the fact that we wanted to work on a mobile application platform when we were rather new to the technologies, it was only natural that we met countless technical problems along the way. We had issues front-end with Android Studio and issues back-end with Firebase, but we were able to overcome most of them in the end by working together and being resourceful.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the fact that it is noble idea for busy working people and students, when we hope our implementation can provide utmost convenience for the well-being of the general public.

What we learned

We have done android application coding before, but through HacknRoll2016 we got to pushed ourselves to the limit with a 24 hour deadline and also to learn back-end programming of how to manage databases, which required newly acquired knowledge of FireBase and its integration with android applications in Java.

What's next for Glut

Refine UI and UX and do a pilot test at our community at SUTD. Slowly, we will expand to other universities' campus and then the entire Singapore, scaling and refining along the way.

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