My sister and I created this app because of our personal experiences with having family members that are diabetic. It has been a long struggle to get our loved ones to manage their diabetes, take their medications, and overall take the disease seriously - they have had a lot of close calls in the past. This app is meant to be an annoying alarm clock that wakes the patient up in the morning and will not stop playing music until they submit their blood sugar reading and check the boxes saying that they took their medication. It is both a reminder and an incentive to take your medication, measure your glucose, and keep up to date on your health! After a long sleep, it is very important for a diabetic patient to check their blood glucose, as levels can spike or plummet overnight. Additionally, medications such as Metformin and Victoza are generally supposed to be taken in the morning. With proper management, diabetes does not have to be a horrible condition to live with, it just takes a little extra time and effort to ensure that you are staying on the safe side when it comes to your blood glucose levels. :)

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