Knowing that people with Type-1 Diabetes struggle physically from day-to-day but are often not classified as having a physical disability, demonstrating through the challenging stages of the game how daily, even repetitive tasks are difficult for them to overcome.

What it does

Game with a twist where you manage your blood sugar level so that the level cannot be too low or above a range of values (the glucose level in your body). You are not trying to maximize your sugar level, rather control it between a certain limit to survive until the end. Sugar level are based on realistic thresholds.

How I built it

Javavscript, web technologies, library called Phaser

Challenges I ran into

commit conflicts, merge conflicts, library content had various issues that needed to be researched and resolved

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finished it, have a working product with lots of physical disability awareness elements incoporated, created a random map generator to assist with varying each game with many variations of map segments.

What I learned

How to deal with conflicts on Git, Javascript programming with graphic design of sprites and other game elements.

Built With

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