Being a type one diabetic myself, my biggest battle has been managing low glucose sugar levels compared to high blood glucose levels. Technology has made managing high glucose levels easier. On the other hand there are simple way to accurately correct blood sugar levels, which inspired us to create this project to help others as well as myself. In the past year we have been part of a diabetic open source community, which is where the formula to calculate skittles originated from.

What it does

The applications sole purpose is to provide a functional calculation that will yield exact amounts of the fast acting sugar source (skittles) to bring your levels back to normal. Example if you have a low blood sugar reading of 60mg/dl the formula will require your target level(the level you want to elevate your glucose level to) and your current blood glucose value. It also required your insulin sensitivity (how sensitive your body is to the effects of insulin) which is given by your endocrinologist, as well as your insulin to carb ratio (how many units of insulin you need per carb). Next the application runs the calculation and it will give you the exact amount of skittles to eat (i.e. i would need 17 skittles to raise my glucose level from 60mg/dL to 120mg/dL (+-10mg/dL)).

How we built it

We connected a number of APIs to gather information needed to work in parallel with the calculation necessary to output accurate readings and amount of candy needed. We used nightscout to automatically pull the users current glucose, carb ratio and insulin sensitivity to decrease human error when inputing values. We used twilio Api to send the user's parents or guardian their current glucose and exact location if glucose level is reaching life threatening low glucose level. We also use google maps to display the nearest stores based on current location.

Challenges we ran into

Connecting Api's and ensuring the data was being fetched correctly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to implement the Geolocation as feature in our app because type 1 diabetes run the risk of passing out and potentially being in a diabetic comma if blood sugar levels drop to dangerous levels. Our app will sense such levels and send an exact geolocation to your guardians in case you are unconscious to answer. This feature will bring great peace of mind to most parents considering such disease is most common in juveniles.

What we learned

we've learned the importance of team work and how valuable it is to bring together each members skill's to efficiently tackle the problem given the short amount of time.

What's next for Glucose Guardian

The next step for Glucose Guardian is presenting it to the diabetic open source community so more people can benefit from its features as well as improve it.

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