Are You a Non-Diabetics(Free of Diabetes), Pre-Diabetics(precursor stage before diabetes mellitus) or Diabetics(Sufferer of Diabetes). Its time to know. Start Using this app now...

You can study information on this link below to better understand things about Blood/Glucose Levels ranges in the body
Consequently, The Standard blood Glucose Level set by NICE Experts were illustrated in the table below for both Non-Diabetic, Pre-Diabetics and Diabetic Patients.
Alt text

Diabetes is a serious illness that requires persistence medical approach and patient self-management education to prevent and reduce the risk of long-term diabetes complications.

High blood sugar can reduce blood flow and damage the nerves in your feet. Left untreated, cuts and blisters can lead to serious infections. Diabetes can lead to pain,Dental gum infections,weakening of immune systems,double risk of heart diseases, Strokes, tingling or loss of sensation in your feet.

Understanding your blood glucose level ranges plays a vital roles in the effective management of diabetes. If someone with diabetes has a Glucose meter, test strips and is testing, it's vital to know your blood glucose level. This test may be carried out before or 2 hours after meal. The test can also be carried out before excercise, at bedtime or during fasting.

In the United State, blood sugar is normally measured in milligrams of glucose per deciliter of blood (mg/dl). A milligram is very little, about 0.00018 of a teaspoon. A deciliter is about 3 1/3 ounces.

In Canada and the United Kingdom, blood sugar level is reported in millimoles/liter (mmol/L).

You can convert Canadian or British glucose levels to American numbers by multiplying the obtained values in (mmol/L) by factor of 18. If someone from Britain, Canada reports that their fasting blood glucose was (6mmol/L), you can multiply that by 18 and get their U.S. glucose level of 108 mg/dl.

Diabetic Patients and their respective caregivers must also use pen and a log-book to record their glucose level on daily basis and then brings it in the next follow-up medical appointments in order for the Doctor/Physician to decide on what could be the next line of action in fighting the diabetes chronic diseases.

This is what the apps Does:

Glucose Level Check (is a free web, mobile-web and Android apps) that help you monitor and record your Sugar/Glucose Level anytime anywhere. This app enable Diabetic Patients to easily share their data securely and privately with Diabetes Treatment teams,Doctors over SMS,Emails etc. in order to help you and your doctor see how your treatment is working and to know possibly what could be the next treatment options.

Consequently, the app also check if the User is a Diabetic,Pre-Diabetic or a Diabetic).
The app also allow User to enter her glucose level readings, the kind of food he or she eats, Time period for eating to see how the foods affects her glucose level and to actually determine if She is a Non-Diabetic, Pre-Diabetic or a Diabetic Patients

The app also allow Users to make Notes of other observations by asking some of the questions below "Do You have cuts and blisters that refuses to be healed?. What about pain,Dental gum infections, Sores, redness or swelling, weakening of immune systems,tingling or loss of sensation in your feet etc ?." This will help to check if the Diabetic Patients infected or not..

The present Standard for patients Diabetes Management is to monitor and record the foods and glucose daily reading eg from a Glucose Meter on a paper log and then brings it in the next follow-up medical appointments. However,these Paper Logs may be dirty, stained with fluid/bloods, inconsistent and there is high possibility that the Patients can easily forget it at home and this can delay further treament options.
Patients and Diabetes Treatment Teams can track the diabetic readings statistically via Column Chart,Line-Chart distribution analysis.

Glucose Check is an app that empowers both Diabetic, Pre-Diabetic and Non-Diabetic to record and monitor the Kind of food they eat, Time the food was eating and their Blood Glucose Level readings and Share the resultant Data including the graphical Statistical visualization components with their Diabetes Management Teams/Doctors in real-time, not just when they have a scheduled medical appointment.

Platform of Availability

Android, Web & Mobile Web.

Apps Screenshots Scenario and Useability

The Screenshot below show the Apps Landing Page
Alt text

The Screenshot Below show Users making registrations from within the app
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The Screenshot Below show Users Uploading His Profile Pictures,br> Alt text

The Screenshot Below show Users login into the app
Alt text

The Screenshot Below show Users entering her Bloood Sugar Level Data for Analysis
Alt text

The Screenshot Below show Users show Users historical Data Over time..
Alt text

The Screenshot Below show Users Statistical Data over time via Column Chart Distribution Analysis.
Alt text

The Screenshot Below show Users sending her Blood Glucose Level Data to her Registered Doctor or Blood Glucose Monitoring Team over SMS within the App.

Alt text

The Screenshot Below show Doctors Accessing his/her office to Attend to Diabetic Patients Historical Data within his Office App Alt text

The Screenshot Below show Doctors Accessing his/her Diabetic Patients Data within his office Alt text

Alt text

How to test the Demo....

I Just created one account but you can create as many as possible
Username: test
password: test

First Signup within the app either from the Mobile web or from the android version. The app will request that you upload your profile Picture, and login. on the Landing Page, you are presented with 4 Components

Add Components: Allows the User to Enter Blood Glucose level data as obtained from the Blood Glucose Detection Analytical Machines eg Glucose Meter. The User has to enter the kind of food eaten and the time period for which the test was done.

The App compares and analyzed the data inputted to detect if the user is a Non-Diabetic, a Pre-Diabetic or a Diabetic based on Blood Glucose level Medical ranges as proposed by NICE Medical Expert. The screenshot below shows the Blood Glucose Ranges Alt text

. You can better obtain detail information by navigating this link provided

Based on the Inputed data, the app automatically alert the User on timely basis about her Blood Glucose Level conditions by tell him/her if they are Non-Diabetic, Pre-Diabetic, a Diabetic Patients etc.

Historical Components: Allows the User to view her Blood Glucose Level historical Data Overtime. User can always click on Refresh Records to See New Updates .

Statistical Components: Allows the User to view her BP historical Statistical Data Overtime. User can always click on Refresh Graph Records to See New Statistical Updates via Column Chart Distribution Analysis .

Reports Components: Allows the User/Patients to send her Blood Glucose Level historical Data Overtime. to her Doctor/Diabetic monitoring Team. Doctors are notified of the reports sent to their office within the app via SMS alerts

Office Components: Office is for Doctors use only. it allows the Doctors/Diabetic monitoring Team to view and Access Blood Glucose Level historical Data of their respective patients over time rather than bring in a paper-log of the data. Doctor after accessing the Blood Glucose Level data will now profound solution on the next line of treatment option in curing Diabetes chronic diseases from the Patients. Doctors can then send a remarkable solution back to her Patients in HIPPA Compliance manner via SMS..

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